I also love long-form storytelling, audio journalism, web design, podcast production & creating social content.

My favorite things to do as a web producer include:

making graphics for stories

working on multimedia projects

(Here is a special section that we did for a local music festival, I created & curated all of the content for it.)

helping my coworkers with tech issues, tracking website analytics & informing reporters what content readers are connecting with

(I don’t have a photo of me helping them, but this is me with some of the reporters.)

Before the Herald, worked for my university’s radio station KSPU.

From 2020-2021, I was the station’s web producer & I fell in love with radio.

I managed all of our web content, redesigned the website & edited submitted blog posts.

I also organized remote opportunities for students to connect with the station & made a few graphics.

Mid-2021, I became the station manager. The pandemic almost killed KSPU, but my team & I were able to turn a dying radio station into a thriving community.

As the station manager, I managed staff, trained DJs, fixed technical issues, in the station, oversaw KSPU’s budget, created free events and opportunities for students to engage with the station & established a strong foundation to encourage future growth.

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